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Trip to Arizona and Utah


Trip to Arizona and Utah.
Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon,
Horseshoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, Zion

It was 1600 miles road trip. Seen beautiful sky and clouds.
Beside national monument and park.
It was my second time at monument valley.
last time I was here almost 25 years ago.
Yet,still give me great feeling been here.
After few days later,heading to antelope canyon,
and horseshoe bend,this place was crazy. It was nature’s mind bending.
Then heading to Bryce canyon. It was speechless.
I will be back again to walk all hiking trail.


Garage Company


I have been coming here almost year.
Every time when I come things change little by little.
It’s call Garage Company so many different motorcycles and vintage item.
Now becoming like museum.

IMG_4198 IMG_4194-1 IMG_4200 IMG_4193 IMG_4192

My Family


Beautiful moment


I have living in Los Angeles for long time.
Every morning wake up see beautiful sunrise.
I am lucky man. And beach we have here in L A is most beautiful beach.
Weekend find some time to see Santa Monica beach.

New Years Party at my house 2016


New Years party at my house. It was so much fun with all friends and dogs, and cats.
We had so much food and drink. Friends brought sake and desert, and sashimi.
And my girlfriend cooked amazing japanese food. I am lucky man.life is great so far.

Sunday ride


I have been doing Sunday ride every Sunday morning for long time.Watching beautiful sky and ocean make me happy. It is my Sunday church.sometime go to Malibu or Santa Monica mountain or P V. Or Griffith park. But when I have chance, one of my favorite ride is on beach ride.


Vacation notice 11/1 ~ 11/12 2015


Autumn greetings everyone ~
Hope this note finds you well and happy.
I’ll be visiting my family and friends in Japan mid November, the best season there.
I will be closed (Sun)11/1 through (Thur)11/12, and will resume its regular business hours (Fri)11/13.
Please make your appointment early before my vacation or after I return.

Thank you for your loyal support to Mitsuo!



It was fun making fountain. Just love sound. Before I go to bed,leave window little so I can hear sound of water. It will take me to sleep. Also love looking at it .


Trip to Carmel & Monterey


It was perfect wether in Carmel. After 6 hours drive from Los Angeles. It was nice to be on white sand beach,watching beautiful sunset.every year come here,but never get tired coming here. This time, went to Monterey to have calamari and wine. It was good. After that went aquarium. It has been more that ten years,since last time I was here.


Doing Hair


Doing hair is so much fun at outside salon. Always working at Alon shalom salon on melrose ave. sometimes want go out do something different. How many years am I doing hair? Sometimes makes me think. Well after all no matter what,love cutting hair at salon on melrose ave in west Hollywood.


Beautiful Life !


Working at Alon shalom salon in west Hollywood. It has been busy all that time. Looking outside I see so many cars on melrose ave. it will drive nuts. Could not wait get out this town. So every spring I drive to death valley. Takes four and half hours drive. I love long distance drive,make me calm.


Hair Salon work


Almost time to go visit Yosemite national park.

Every year I go there for long hike. Maybe next month I will pack up and go.

Working at Alon shalom salon for almost two year. Talking to clients for all day long. Sometimes nice to go to nature,just chill out and wine. Of cause need to be in silent. Love west Hollywood and west side of melrose. High end store, lots of walking Trafic. Love been hair stylist.

yosemite 1



This is time the year to come out from house,go to hiking. I love hiking.this is one of my spot,Griffith park. So many trail but I like one go all way up to Mt.lee. View from top of the mountain is breath taking.360 degrees you can see Los Angeles.

hiking 1

Sunday Bike Ride


Every Sunday go out to beach for bike ride. This place near by manhattan beach.

so many surfer I can spot.Riding bike same time watching surfer and beautiful ocean.

Love my life,when I able to come out to do bike riding at beach.



Death Valley


I come here in spring. Death Valley,first time I came here for camping first. Then after that I stay at stove pipe well. It is amazing place on earth. This spring we saw most beautiful sunset. It was breath taking sunset.

Death Valley 1

Thanksgiving day hike


Thanksgiving day hike at Sandstone canyon 3,115 feet high.

it was beautiful day at Santa Monica mountain



santamonica mt.1

santamonica mt.6

santamonica mt.7




Trip to Kyushu Japan


Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle


Yobuko Saga prefectuer

熊本城 佐賀県呼子

Trip to Kyushu Japan


Second time in Japan this year. First one was in May late spring. This time place I never been to. It was beautiful, hot spring in Kumamoto prefecture kurokawa onsen. Day arrived, it was bit cold. But, perfect for out door hot spring. I don’t recall getting in out door hot spring in my life. Right by water fall,too good to be true. In the night eat so much food. So many good Japanese food. It was dream come true.
Second night dinner was way too much food.could not finish it. Felt sorry for chef. Then next day hit road to Kumamoto,on way I had chance to chat with Japanese lady in bus. Just like I seen  it TV. Love Japan. Oomuta Fukuoka prefecture, ate yakitori my dream. It was speechless. And met Japanese couple. We ate ,drink had fun time. But had hang over,lol. Met some beautiful friend who help to driving around, showing so many beautiful spot. It was too short. Time to say good by to friends, made me tear in eyes. Be back.


Hozantei ryokan





黒川温泉 熊本 帆山亭



Autumn vacation from (Mon)10/20 to (Thur)10/30.


Mitsuo Kato will be closed for Autumn vacation from (Mon)10/20 to (Fri)10/30.

I’m visiting Kyushu, Japan, which is absolutely breathtaking in Autumn.

My appointment book tends to get full quickly before and after my vacation, so please make your appointment early!

If you wish to contact me while I’m in Japan, you can reach me via email , If you contact me on telephone or via text-message, please understand that my reply will not be prompt.

Mitsuo Kato greatly appreciates your loyal support!

Happy Labor Day ! Morning at Manhattan Beach


Casanova restaurant at Carmel


My favorite restaurant ” CASANOVA” at Carmel

always love this restaurant, but not this time.

Food was good, Wine was good, but Sommelier JEFF” was not nice to us.

He was talking to everyone except us !




Trip to Big Sur and Carmel


Vacation in JAPAN 3, Kamakura




Vacation in JAPAN 2, Kyoto


Vacation in JAPAN 1, Kite fastival in Niigata (my hometown)



Shirone kite battles festival


Vacation Notify 5/10~5/20 2014


I will be gone in Japan from Saturday May 10th to Tuseday May 20th.

Hope to see you everyone at the salon.

I”ll have a lot of story……



Sunday afternoon at Sunset plaza “Cafe Med”


20140427_173220 20140427_173223

Every time, i go to different  Italian pizza restaurant,

but i always ended up come to this place at sunset plaza.. wine and calamari and thin pizza.

just love it. perfect for afternoon relaxing.

Yosemite National Park

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